Visualisasi Chart

Membuat Dashboard dengan mudah, menggunakan Fusioncharts


Easily Integrate with Other Libraries, Frameworks and Languages

Not a big fan of vanilla JavaScript? No problem! We have got you covered - FusionCharts comes with open-source plugins for popular libraries (jQuery), frameworks (AngularJS & React) and languages (ASP.NET & PHP). Now it's super easy to integrate FusionCharts with your current stack.

Choose from 90+ Charts and1000+ Maps

From the basic charts (line, column, pie etc. - 2D & 3D) to the most complex ones (waterfall, gantt, candlestick, zoomline etc.), we have the most exhaustive collection of javascript charts, widgets & maps in the industry.

There is a good probability that the visualization you are thinking of, is already present in our package.




Business Dashboards and Live Examples

Gallery of 800+ live examples makes it easy to get started with FusionCharts. Just fork the fiddle with the chart you want to make instead of starting from scratch. We have a collection of business dashboards with downloadable source code for inspiration. Use cases included are sales, finance, marketing, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government and IT. Oh! and a music player too!